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x General anaesthetic

A Traumatic Cycling Accident

Painful road to recovery

1# Hospital

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2# Inpatient Rehabilitation

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3# Outpatient Rehabilitation

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Breaking the Pain Cycle is Critical

Do you know

the “gold standard”

in pain management?

The gold standard for managing chronic pain is a multidisciplinary approach


way to improve function and mood, and reduce disability

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Numbing medication

Lidocaine is a local anesthetic
It works by blocking nerve signals in your body

Soothing Sensation

Menthol is an organic compound
A widely used penetration enhancer

*Maximum strength lidocaine available over the counter without a prescription.
Noninferioirty with Rx lidocaine 5% explained in Castro, Eric and David V. Dent, “A comparison of transdermal over-the-counter lidocaine 3.6% menthol 1.25%, Rx lidocaine 5% and placebo for back pain and arthritis, “Pain Management, Vol. 7, No.6 (2017).
**As many as three patches were applied to cover the area of greatest pain as fully as possible for 12 hours. The patients wearing the lidocaine patches had significantly reduced pain intensity at all time points (from 30 minutes to 12 hours after patch application) compared with those patients receiving either no treatment or wearing a placebo patch, as explained in Pasero, Chris and McCaffery, Margo, “The Lidocaine Patch,“ American Journal of Nursing, Vol. 101, No. 3, (March 2001) p. 22-23.